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Development Bank of Ethiopia

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About Development Bank of Ethiopia

The history of Development Bank of Ethiopia goes back to 1909 when the first attempts of its kind known as The Societe Narionale d' Ethiopie Pour le Development de l' agriculture et de Commerce (The Society for the promotion of Agriculture and Trade) was established in the Menelik II era. Since then the Bank has taken different names at different times although its mission and business purpose has not undergone significant changes except for occasional adjustment that were necessitated by change in economic development policies of the country.

Mission of DBE

The Development Bank of Ethiopia is a specialized financial institution established to promote the national development agenda through development finance and close technical support to viable projects from the priority areas of the government by mobilizing fund from domestic and foreign sources while ensuring its sustainability.

The Bank earnestly believes that these highly valued objectives can best be served through continuous capacity building, customer focus and concern to the wider environment.

Vision of DBE

100% Success for All Financed Projects by 2020.

Values of DBE

  • Commitment to mission
  • Customer focus
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • High value to employees
  • Learning organization
  • Concern to the environment

Guide to DBE Loans

The recent focus of Development Bank of Ethiopia is to provide medium and long term loans for investment projects, which are engaged in Agriculture, Agro-processing and Manufacturing. Industries preferably export focused. With regard to this the economic sub-sectors for which the loanable financial resources availed are listed under priority projects.

The Bank undertakes due diligence or KYC assessment to identify the integrity of the borrower, appraises the feasibility study submitted by the applicant and finally makes decision on the approval of a loan. The prospective borrower is required to submit all the required documents as per the check list provided below.

Priority sector


• Non-metallic & other construction materials factory (cement, gypsum, marble, bricks, glass & glassware etc.);

• Manufacture and processing of base metal and steel products.

•Precious & base metal mining factory (gemstones, tantalum, gold etc.);

• Fabricated metal products factory

•Electrical power generation (from geothermal, wind, solar etc.);

•Electrical and electrical apparatus manufacturing;

•Micro dams for power generating plants.

Development Bank of Ethiopia Head office
Tito St
1900 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 115 51 11 88 / 89
Fax: +251 115 51 16 06
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