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(የፍታብሄር ህግ) Civil Code (Amharic & English Version)

Published on: Mon, 2013-03-04 11:36

የፍታብሄር ህግ በተለይም ለንብረት ህግ፣ለውል ህግ፣ ከውል ውጪ ለሚመጣ ሃላፊነት በሚመለከት ህግ፣ ለሽያጭ ህግ፣ ለውርስ ህግ፣ ለቤተሰብ ህግ፣ እና ለሌሎች ዋና ዋና ህጎችም  የሚያገለግል ህግ ነው፡፡

Even though this law was enforced in 1960 by Emperor HAILE SELASSIE I but it is also applicable to the present legal system.

This Proclamation may be cited as the "Civil Code Proclamation, 1960".

This law governs several legal issues

  1. law of person which is provided starting from

Article 1: - Principle.

The human person is the subject of rights from its birth to its death.

  1. Law of succession which is provided starting from

Article 826:- Opening of succession.

(1) Where a person dies, the succession of such person, called the deceased, shall open at the place where he had his principal residence at the time of his death.

(2) The rights and obligations of the deceased which form the inheritance shall pass to his heirs and legatees, in accordance with the provisions   of this Title, unless such rights and obligations terminate by the death of the deceased.

  1. Law of property  which is provided starting from

Article 1126:- Various kinds of goods

All goods are movable or immovable.

  1. Contact law which is provided starting from

Article 1675:-contract defined

A contract is an agreement. Where by two or more peoples as between themselves create, vary or extinguish obligation of a proprietary nature

In this section we can find general condition of contract and special contracts. For construction contracts we can see article 2610, article 3131, article 3244 and the following articles,

  1. Law of tort (EXTRA-CONTRACTUAL LIABILITY AND UNLAWFUL ENRICHMENT )which is provided starting from

Art. 2027. - Sources of extra-contractual liability.

(1) Irrespective of any undertaking on his part, a person shall be liable for the damage he causes to another by an offence.

(2) A person shall be liable, where the law so provides, for the damage he causes to another by an activity in which he engages or by an object he possesses.

(3) A person shall be liable where a third party for whom he is answerable in law incurs a liability arising out of an offence or resulting from the law.

  1. Law of agency

Art. 2179. - Source of authority.

The authority to act on behalf of another may derive from the law or a contract.

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